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Tokyo Metropolitan Itsukaichi High School
Principal: Takehiro TAMOGAMI
Students: ~400 Students
Ages: 15-18 years old
              Tokyo Metropolitan Itsukaichi High School was established in 1948 as the first   high school near the Akigawa river to open after World War2 At this time, Itsukaichi High School was only a “part-time program” with day and night sessions. In 1950, the school changed the part-time day section into a full-time program, while maintaining a part-time night school. This full-time day program, and part-time night school, are still in existence today.
Educational Goal
              Our aim is to create leaders who demonstrate sound judgement, diligence, and good-will towards others in any career path. First years follow a regular course schedule; however, from second to third grade, students may take classes in one of three courses: the management course, the outdoor course, and the advance course. Each course offers students a particular path to their chosen careers, emphasizing communication skills and other practical knowledge and abilities.
              The size of the school, while small, offers students a more detailed and accessible instruction. With a total of 400 students, our usual classes consist of about  40 students. Although, in the case of our Japanese, English, and mathematics classes, two classes are divided into thirds to not exceed 30 students. This allows each student to receive a more personal education, tailored to their individual needs.
              In 2018, the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education promoted Itsukaichi High School to a higher level of learning, which continues to promote an education that includes an active participation in learning the communication skills necessary for international cooperation.
Course Descriptions
With a society that depends more and more on technology and business, it is important to hone the skills relating to these topics. This course develops practical skills for employment in the fields of technology and business management. It is dedicated to guaranteeing students the opportunity to continue their education and become an active part in today’s entrepreneurial and high-tech society.
This course will:
  • Implement classes in cooperation with universities (including taking class at these universities).
    • Collaborating universities: Kaetsu University, Teikyo University
  • Emphasize acquiring communication skills and employment manners through working experience with the collaboration of various large businesses (Akiruno Field Chamber of Commerce, Ieon Sunrise, etc.)
  • Help students to conduct corporate research based on work experiences and product development in cooperation with universities and sales practices of the region.
  • Help students to acquire financial knowledge and relevant qualifications related to business including:
    • Word          Bookkeeping
    • Excel          Information Processing
    • PowerPoint          Marketing Basics
Outdoor Studies
Many people today are forced to live in urban, artificial spaces. At the same time, nature activities are attracting attention due to health preferences, relationships, and the need to connect with the natural environment. Based on this situation, skills and experiences related to the outdoors has become valuable. In turn, we have created a program that will make the best use of resources, acquire outdoor related knowledge and develop skills that can react to the social needs of the future and train the instructors and leaders of the future.
This course will:
  • Establish a bouldering facility inside the school, with the guidance of a specialist.
  • Teach students the basics of bouldering, trail running, and outdoor activities, also with the guidance of experts.
  • Implement classes with the cooperation of other universities such as Surugadai University and Tokyo Women’s Physical Education University.
The third course is a curriculum in which students can acquire the ability to pass high-level exams by fostering thinking skills, judgement, and expression. In addition to improving in both science and mathematics, this curriculum will help students gain the skills necessary to pass English exams as well. The major difference between this course and the others is that students can select a wider range of subjects. This curriculum is compatible with the admission policies of each university.
This course will:
  • Require students to take 17 credits of English with the option to take additional classes in mathematics.
  • Strengthen students’ writing abilities through a necessary Japanese language class.
  • Improve math and science education as well asentrance exam scores, by requiring students to take classes in biology, physics, and chemistry in their 2nd and 3rd years.
  • Study geography and history for the purpose of entrance examinations.
Additional Educational Efforts           
              - Speech competitions
              - Various academic and athletic clubs
              - English Conversation Class
              - Science Club
              - Communication with native English speakers (JET teacher)
              - Optional participation in outside of class English language activities
              - Supplementary English, Math, and Japanese lessons after school (“Terakoya”)

Taiwan Agreement
We have signed a cooperation agreement with Chu-Lin Private High school in Taiwan. 

Introduction Movies
Movies to know about us and our town produced by students are available here. 
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